Our plans for 2017

The SDLC’s plans for 2017 are being discussed with the LC members. The current thinking is:

  • The pattern of activities in 2015 has been successful and will be continued with some modifications so that the SDLC will go “somewhat wider and somewhat deeper.”
  • The SDLC will seek additional members up to a limit of 12, or perhaps even 15, members.
  • The SDLC will focus on companies that offer particular opportunities for learning.
  • The SDLC will seek to have longer site visits in firms of particular interest so as to deepen understanding on specific issues of interest.
  • The SDLC will organize discussions on issues of particular issues to members.
  • The SDLC will evaluate the possible methods of enhancing dissemination of its findings.
  • The SDLC is stimulating an online community of practice among the LC members.