The SD Learning Consortium (SDLC) is a nonprofit organization whose members are organizations committed to discover together the world’s most advanced Agile goals, principles and practices and disseminate them globally.

The SDLC conducts site visits to its members, synthesizes what we have discovered together, and disseminates its discoveries globally, including reports, web posts, social media and participation in conferences.

Current members of SDLC include Barclays, Cerner, CH Robinson, Ericsson, hhpberlin, Microsoft and Riot Games. In 2016, the SDLC also made site visits to BMW and Spotify.

The findings of the SDLC in in 2016 are available in the Summary of the 2016 Report and the Full report 2016.

SDLC is currently reviewing applications from organizations interested in joining SDLC in 2017. To learn more, go here. How to join the SDLC.

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